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Quick summaries that help us get better at having a great career, a fulfilling life, and a productive side-hustle.
I write about new ways weirdos like me can approach leadership differently. Neurodiverse to introverted, succeed without changing who you are.
Whether marketing your personal brand, your non-profit, or your small business, I write about branding, social marketing, and everything in between for those who have a bigger image than budget.
All of the things that I have learned over the last 30 years of leading people along with the latest researching and thinking. Especially great for those just getting started leading humans.

To the grinders, the game-changers, the hustlers.

You reimagine success.

You do the hard things.

Your journey shows your resilience.

They forge you into the game-changers of tomorrow.

You can work alone but prefer together.

So together, we go forward.


Hey there, I'm Brent

I am a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader with a rich background spanning multiple industries from retail, to design.

I am passionate about empowering career builders and side hustlers like you, so I create valuable resources to guide you on your path to success, providing insights to help you get where you want to go.
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